OpenMooCow 0.4

Thomas White taw at
Wed Apr 15 00:52:26 CEST 2009

Just a quite note to announce the release of version 0.4 of OpenMooCow.

Mooooooooooooo. etc.  :)

The changes since 0.3 aren't very exciting, but ensure continued
compatibility with the latest distributions.  The changes are:

- A crash, when the sysfs paths were not as expected, has been fixed.
- The very latest changes to the sysfs paths have been handled.
- The change from EV_REL to EV_ABS has been handled.
- Proper categories have been added to the .desktop file.

Download from, or from

I've heard of a lot of people having trouble with OpenMooCow on various
distributions.  The combination of accelerometers and audio seems to show up
lots of problems which wouldn't otherwise be noticed!  For a discussion, look
under "Known Problems" near the bottom of the page mentioned above.  This
release should fix all accelerometer problems, but some SDL audio problems
will remain.  I hope to be able to take a closer look at these (they're SDL
problems, not my fault :), but I have other Forbidden Projects taking up my
time at the moment...



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