Intone-video problems!! Help !

c_c cchandel at
Wed Apr 15 09:15:30 CEST 2009

>IIUC the "window id" passed to mplayer does not have to be
>a top-level window. 
@Stefan Monnier - I was trying something like that - but apparently elementary doesn't cater for embedding windows under a top level window.

>thanks for bringing another superb app to the neo!

Well, seems like I'm really getting itchy now-a-days!

>The problem is that your windows will end up stacked ontop of each other...

>There is a way to have absolute control over the window by overriding the
>window manager:
>   EAPI void         elm_win_override_set(Evas_Object *obj, Evas_Bool override);
>If you do this, the WM won't touch your window, and you will have to position
>and size it yourself.

>Not that I know. But what you can do, is to create a second X11 window, with
>the override bit set .....

>Hope this helps...

This definitely does help a lot. So what I understand is that I:-

1. Make a main window
2. size it right
3. then make another with the override bit set and position it manually
4. Use one for controls and 1 for video.

That should solve the problem. Will try it and post results. Hopefully I can push out an alpha release by the weekend - unless I get stuck elsewhere.

>This is really really super slow on the neo, and it might not even work with
>mplayer overlay window.

 Well, if it's even remotely slower - I think I'll prefer the faster solution.
  I like the FR screen for its resolution and like running it with the software (instead of the software_16) engine for the sheer pleasure of how good it looks. But, the speed sucks. Don't want to add to it.
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