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Wed Apr 15 12:47:39 CEST 2009

Hello Marcus

2009/4/15 Marcus Bauer <marcus.bauer at>

> 1) How many of you would be interested in the following hardware
> mods:
>  * sunlight readable LCD
>  * bigger LCD 3,5"+
>  * new ruggedized case or rubber shell (including a mean to nicely fix
> in on a bike?)
>  * waterproof (substaintially more costs)

Those mods look great!

But, how could we adapt them to the neo? I think the problem is not the
cost but the way of get them running. Do you mean changing the Neo LCD from
the 2,8" to another sunlight readable 3,5"? or is it just a shell wearing
the Neo?  :-m   I cannot imagine what's exactly your idea...

My opinion is that it's worth it to pay for it but I didn't believe it was
possible to
get it real.

I would like to read a little bit more about the idea.   :-)

Un saludo
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