sunlight readable LCD

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Wed Apr 15 14:18:35 CEST 2009

Marcus Bauer a écrit :
> Hello list,
> Joseph Reeves wrote on his blog about a bicycle app for the Neo [1].
> I have always wanted to add cycling / sports functions to tangoGPS but
> as the LCD is mostly unreadable in sunlight I felt there is little use.
> After trying it a couple of times on my bike I soon started to leave
> the Neo at home.
> So I wonder about three things for better outdoor use:
> 1) How many of you would be interested in the following hardware
> mods:
>  * sunlight readable LCD
>  * bigger LCD 3,5"+
Maybe 3.5" is a little bit to big, but I think 3.2" can be realy
Sunlight readable LCD is realy interesting in a lot of case.
>  * new ruggedized case or rubber shell (including a mean to nicely fix
> in on a bike?)
>  * waterproof (substaintially more costs)
> 2) How much money would you spend on it? To give you an idea: the PSP
> display with touchscreen can be bought on ebay for ~25$. A case may be
> ~20-30$ for volumes of 100+.
I am interested in a bigger sunlight readable borderless screen and I am
ready to give 100€ (and some beers :D) for that but I don't know if this
price is possible.
> 3) Last question: are there hardware people interested in
> this?
> Please reply here on list with your interest!
> Marcus

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