Lightly used FreeRunner for sale

John Reese nuclear_eclipse at
Wed Apr 15 14:28:56 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I have an extra FreeRunner, purchased from the first batch of Neos
delivered to the US. It's very lightly used, with a Zagg Invisible
Shield protector on the screen, and comes with an extra (third-party)
battery, original packaging, and all of the goodies that it shipped with.

I'm parting with the FreeRunner because I'm a poor college student who
needs the money for other endeavors.  I'm asking for $250 or best offer, 
which I feel is a reasonable price for the unit, considering it's in 
rather good condition and still has all the accessories.

My specific model has the 900MHz GSM chipset, and is known to work on
the local T-Mobile network without any problems.  Willing to either meet 
locally (Rochester, NY) and exchange for cash, or ship anywhere via 
PayPal payment (buyer pays shipping!).

Although I'm sure you're all aware of what it looks like, a picture of
mine is available at:

You can contact me off-list at this email address if you're interested.

Cheers all

John Reese

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