Intone-video. Really Really Alpha!

c_c cchandel at
Wed Apr 15 16:48:23 CEST 2009

  Well, since I'm going to be travelling for the next 4 days - and I _might_ not have time to play with this - I thought I'll quickly post a teaser ipk.

  This is really really alpha - it hangs my FR half the time - and I don't think it's my code entirely - but it could be - since I don't fully understand about half of what I'm doing ;-)

  But, it's a (elementary) GUI - though slightly slow - and it uses the xglamo patched mplayer to play a video in landscape mode. The ipk installs mplayer as mplayer-video in /usr/bin/ and its config files in ~/.mplayer. So backup yours if you have a diff configuration.

  Currently you need to kill the program after playing a video to play the next one - since once the video window is shown it refuses to get hidden, lowered, resized etc.

  But, as I said, its a teaser - so enjoy!  And gimme feedback.

  I'm thinking on the lines of accelerometer based button text rotation. And of course to fix the myriad issues this is bringing up.

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