Why enlightenment?

Bram Neijt bneijt at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 22:57:57 CEST 2009

I know this question must have come up once before, but I couldn't find
any real answer online, so I'm posting it here. Why enlightenment?

I haven't seen enlightenment being used for over 4 years, and with the
wealth of programs out there which are portable and can run on top op
Linux, this choice really astounds me. I'm only writing this now,
because I see that the next Om release (2009) is going to keep focusing
on using it.

Most people will not find this discussion productive, but please
consider giving me some good pointers as I'm having a hard time to get
my head around this.

As I see it, all embedded devices running some kind of interface use
either QT or GTK (QT Phone, Nokia Internet tablet, Sharp Zaurus..) and
there are various applications and standards available.

Why then go for enlightenment?

Hoping this is not to inflammatory,

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