sunlight readable LCD

William Kenworthy billk at
Thu Apr 16 02:35:20 CEST 2009

On Wed, 2009-04-15 at 14:05 +0200, Marcel wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 15. April 2009 15:04:27 schrieb Esben Stien:
> > Miguel Ángel Calderón < at> writes:
> > > * sunlight readable LCD
> >
> > Definitely. This doesn't affect anything, right, other than being more
> > readable..?!?. I would also like the screen window to be scratch free.
> >
> > > * bigger LCD 3,5"+
> >
> > You don't think it would be a little too big Neo, if the current one
> > is 2 point something?.
> >
> > > * new ruggedized case or rubber shell
> >
> > I'm all for a steel case, military field use style;). Remember to make
> > small holes to be able to mount the back to a series of adapters, like
> > mic stand, DIN mount and a magnet container.
> Where you would have to consider (as it has been said multiple times afaik) 
> making some plastic parts to let GSM/GPS signals get into the faraday cage... 
> (Hoping that's the correct name)
> > > * waterproof (substaintially more costs)
> >
> > IP67 is how I roll.

Any kind of super tough case + general purpose mounting system to insert
the FR into will have disadvantages in size and mounting problems (case
+ mount = tall if mounted on bike handlebars)

For bike use, someything like this may be better:

This is the test version - did 2 rides and have not been able to since
due to arthritis problems.

Just needs a flip up perspex across the top to make it water resistant
unless you ride underwater(!)

The black bands attaching it are plastic tie straps - the one across the
FR stops it falling out.  The hole on the right "ear" is for the stylus.

What needs to be done:
	reset stylus hole so tip does not protrude so much - could be like a
little knife in a crash - the rest hangs out the bottom close to the
frame so it out of the way so you don't need it accessible from the top

	Drill finger sized hole in bottom of FR recess to make it easier to

	route a groove for a neoprene oring around the FR and fit a glare
resistent perspex top (does such a thing exist?) with a clip.

	paint and make it pretty - as a first attempt its quite good, just
needs minor mods the make it look professional.  Got the idea from
meeting a Danish bike enthusiast visting Perth for a conference who had
a map board attached to his handlebars with clips for a big pile of
paper maps - that looked even messier!
	Could modify it to take a charger cable for long life pack, but my
rides (if I'll ever be able to again :( are usually between 1 and 2
hours - running GSM and GPS gave around 4 hours (earlier shr-testing).

	glare affects are there, but not really problem, its almost always
readable, plus by leaning forward, my shadow helps - and this is in
Australian sunshine in summer.  I actually think an improved screen
(brighter?) wont add much? - its actually too bright (shr-stable) in low
light conditions - and at night it lights up me while I am riding and
affecting my forward vision.

	withou a gps antenna, it gives a slightly poorer HDOP between when
moving and the bike is stationary (I am not on it) as my body mass is
affecting it.  It is still better though than having it in a leather
case mounted on a belt about my waist even when that is on back so has
almost a full view of the sky - probably body movement - manifests
itself in tangogps as small wiggles in the track at openstreetmap level


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