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> perhaps it can be a case where the neo fits in, and lcd is connected via
> usb. also we can put in a better gps antenna connected to the external
> gps-antenna-connector.
This solution seem easy to implement, without having to do hardware hacking
but I think that
the issue of LCD screen connected to the USB port sounds a bit too much for
the USB 1.1
and the memory bus capabilities of the Neo, don't you agree?

That's the reason I felt really curious about how implement the Marcus'
idea. A size increase
of the Neo would attrack a lot of people (I believe) but I don't see how to
get it.

At the beginning I imagine what for me could be and excellent idea for plan
B (we already know
that it is another device, not a mobile phone) and it is really close to
what we are doing now.
I imagine that a wonderful product for the Neo community far from the GTA03
(difficult to
implement nowadays) would be a set of hardware mods that would improve the
initial design of
the Neo. This way, maybe, we could find a workarround to some problems like
the memory
bus limitations or to the glamo, and why not a screen size improvement would
be really hot

Another asset to this idea is to make use of the other components of the
Neo, and not to waste
them as it would have happened with GTA03.

Is it so impossible to get?

Best regards
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