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Radek Bartoň blackhex at
Thu Apr 16 13:21:59 CEST 2009

Hello everyone.

> 1) How many of you would be interested in the following hardware
> mods:
>  * sunlight readable LCD
>  * bigger LCD 3,5"+
>  * new ruggedized case or rubber shell (including a mean to nicely fix
> in on a bike?)
>  * waterproof (substaintially more costs)

I would like to have those features but Neo Freerunner is "just" a smartphone. 
Hacking it this way would be too much costly. There should be two different 
types of devices developped and supported from OM core team from scratch. One 
a smartphone with Wi-Fi, BT, GPS, GMS, etc. as Neo is and second device a 
portable GPS with no additional technologies but with low battery consumption 
and sunlight readable LDC.

BTW: I'm considering to buy and use with Neo Freerunner such [1] hub dynamo 
but 165€ seem too much for me. Do you know about similar device but somehow 
cheaper? Another problem is that I'm not able to develop converter from 6V/3W 
to USB. Is there any skilled electroengineer who can desing such circuit?

[1] -

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Brno University of Technology

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