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Erik Geiger Erik.geiger at
Thu Apr 16 23:28:08 CEST 2009


really nice. It works really stable here. But what I can't understand is, why 
paroli. What about zhone? What I mean, what is the advantage of paroli? It's 
not the look ;-)

In zhone it's more intuitive to switch profiles, you have a lock and it also 
works without fullscreen. In paroli the dialer gets cut if not in fullscreen.

It's really nice to have a stable phone, but now with paroli in fullscreen 
it's "only" a phone. That's what you can buy at every discounter for 25 Euro 
or the like ;-)

What are the plans for future om-Release? Paroli without fullscreen or with 
posibility to switch? zhone? SHR?

There are so many great apps that want to be used :)

Just my thoughts


Am Montag, 13. April 2009 21:34:51 schrieb Angus Ainslie:
> As part of the Om2009 release plan testing images were going to start at
> the beginning of April. For those brave souls that would like to help us
> test Paroli, FSO milestone 5.5 and the Om2009.1 kernel there is a Om2009
> information page that contains links to the images and flashing
> instructions [1].
> The wiki page also has the features list and know issues. Bugs can be
> submitted here[2]. Bugs can be filed against the Om2009 milestone and
> please check for duplicates with this tag before submitting the bug.
> Angus
> [1]
> [2]
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