[OM2009] Using fso-image instead of fso-paroli

François TOURDE fr-om at tourde.org
Fri Apr 17 10:52:23 CEST 2009

Le 14350ième jour après Epoch,
Angus Ainslie écrivait:

> I also use the fso-image, to autolaunch just 
> opkg install paroli-autostart

On my first try, this was unsuccessful, but on second one, it

>> 2) How to stop/start Paroli? I use the cross-icon (like for other apps),
>> but paroli still running, I must kill it from ssh.
> Please add a bug


>> 3) Must I restart frameworkd (/etc/init.d/framework restart) for new
>> ringtone to be taken into account?
> Just make sure the ringtone isn't mp3, there is no mp3 support in the OM
> distro.

Doesn't work... I've tried a second test, and I need to restart
frameworkd for new config files to be taken into account.

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