[Debian] on Freerunner feed back

Thomas Bellembois thomas.bellembois at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 11:20:59 CEST 2009

Hello Freerunners,

I have been using a Freerunner under Debian for one month. It is not yet 
fully usable, but I am still working on it.

Zhone works not too bad. I have applied the patch to use a VCARD file 
but the "dial" button does not work anymore (it works with contacts on 
the SIM card).
I have tried scripts to import a VCF file into the SIM card without 
success. I am not yet very aware of the dbus system to write my own 
Python script.
I have some "bugs" with SMS - the phone does not ring when I receive a 
message and the messages are always written as unread (until I reboot 
the phone).

I have tried:
-osmo: not recurrent events, no alarm (only for tasks)
-pimlico: not recurrent events, no alarm but uses Evolution's back-end
-GPE apps: fully functional apps but require gpesyncd for 
synchronisation - not available in the debian repositories

-osmo: not tried
-GPE apps: not tried - see below
-pimlico method 1:
  *contacts: imported successfully from a VCF file
  *tasks: not tried yet
  *dates: merged the ICAL files from Evolution and dates successfully 
(using a custom Python script)
-pimlico method 2:
  *successfully synchronised Evolution's contacts tasks and calendar 
with a Scheduleworld account using syncevolution (repository: deb 
http://www.estamos.de/download/apt stable main). I could not manage to 
sync the Freerunner due to a missing dependency with 
syncevolution-evolution (problem with the repository?).

TangoGPS works well. I have not tried Navit yet.

Does not work yet (wifi-radar - wicd) - I think I have a dependency 

Works well - I have tried it with the mokomaze game (apt-get install it)

Simple rotate freezes my freerunner with XGLAMO.

What I would like to do:
-find a usable configuration to use a PIM suite (synchronized with my 
desktop PC) to replace my Palm TE2.
-configure the WIFI
-install Navit and buy reiseplaner maps
-make the autorotate work
-make Zhone fully usable

I would like to know I somebody could have a fully functional freerunner 
under debian ? Thanks in advance for your answers.



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