[Debian] on Freerunner feed back

Christophe Badoit openmoko at tof2k.com
Fri Apr 17 13:02:53 CEST 2009

Thomas Bellembois a écrit :

Hi Thomas,

> 1.GSM
> 2.PIM

Not stable enough to use as daily phone, so I didn't test zhone & others
fully enough to comment.

Anyway, thank you for these comments, i'd love to use it eventually !

> 3.GPS
> TangoGPS works well. I have not tried Navit yet.

Same here.
I don't know if it's due to kernel (andy - 2.6.29) but I manage to get
fixes even when I don't hope so (in my office, 4 meters from the window).

> 4.WIFI
> Does not work yet (wifi-radar - wicd) - I think I have a dependency 
> problem...

No real problem here, I use wicd.
It works quite well, but is quite slow...
What I did actually :
1) Installed wicd (apt-get install wicd)
2) removed wicd from start-up (with update-rc)
3) in the openmoko-panel-plugin, I put in
  post-activate : "/etc/init.d/wicd start; wicd-client"
  pre-deactivate: "/etc/init.d/wicd stop; pkill wicd-client"

With this, when you activate wifi from om-panek-plugin, known networks
are automatically connected (if told so in wicd), wicd client shows an
icon in the tray.
And when you disable it, everything shuts down.

> Works well - I have tried it with the mokomaze game (apt-get install it)

With last kernel, since it's EV_ABS instead of EV_REL, applications like
mokomaze have to be modified.
Beyond that, accelerometers work well for me, too.

> Simple rotate freezes my freerunner with XGLAMO.

No auto-rotate, just a rotate application that I launch from the menu.
Sometimes works, sometimes not.

I hade to put "

> What I would like to do:
> -find a usable configuration to use a PIM suite (synchronized with my 
> desktop PC) to replace my Palm TE2.

So would I !

> I would like to know I somebody could have a fully functional freerunner 
> under debian ? Thanks in advance for your answers.

With more time, I'd like it to be fully functionnal =)
What windowmanager/panels system are you using ?

I'm using matchbox-wm + LXDE (not the best, but fast enough).


Christophe Badoit

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