[Debian] on Freerunner feed back

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Fri Apr 17 15:37:16 CEST 2009

> A few mailings back I was told that Zhone is never going to be a proper
> dialer. Zhone is ment to be a debugging and feature testing application
> for the FSO framework. I don't think patching Zhone is going to be of
> any use.

that might be as it will, but so far zhone seems to be the only dialer  
available for debian based systems -- the limitations imposed upon zhone  
by the fso developers are not meant to hinder you, to improve it for your  
i consider developing a dialer gui since i have to do a gui project as  
part of my corresponce courses, but that's not decided yet.
and, yes, i knwo what someone is going to say -- but those projects are  
meant to do something from scratch, not participate in others developments.

> I don't know if there is anybody in the debian community who is going to
> stand up and say: these are the apps we should be working on and this is
> what the gui should look like.

who is supposed to know that?
if you think, there should be _one_ list of apps to necessary and _one_  
look'n'feel, you'd better switch to one of the more focused projects like  
shr or 200X. debian is about a huge pool of options, be it desktop  
managers, toolkits or apps, not streamlining all efforts into _one_.

> I may even start a thread about that in a
> few months.

well, why not yet? you seem to have some rather clear ideas, given your  

> I think if you like Edj (the e gui stuff) then you should focus on
> getting Paroli ported to debian as that is going to be the default for
> Om2009. (Somebody may even already be working on this)

iirc the enlightment stuff is not yet fully available in debian, but work  
is going on.

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