[SHR] Missing icons after install

Tomas Riveros Schober triveros at enable.cl
Fri Apr 17 23:01:59 CEST 2009

I've just tried installing latest SHR-testing (which should be unstable 
just merged into testing), and it works quite good. However, I cannot 
find a way to launch certain apps (except than by using the terminal). 
i.e. TangoGPS is nowhere to be found, but calling tangogps from the 
terminal launches it correctly. Same thing happens with other apps shown 
in the initial configuration screen, but somehow lost after booting to e.
Am I missing something incredibly stupid (it's been a while since I've 
tried SHR), or does it work that way? If so, how can I get launchers for 
those "missing" apps?

thanks in advance


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