eBay SIM card -> More than one phone number?

Vladimir Berezenko qmaster at rambler.ru
Sat Apr 18 17:23:17 CEST 2009

On 17/04/2009, pablodanielmino at gmail.com wrote:

p> I saw in eBay a 6-in-1 SIM card, they say that it can store up to 6 SIM
p> in the chip.
p> Is it possible to have 6 active phone numbers in one device using this
p> card?

I have sucha card, but with 10-in-1. The active number will be only one. It
might be switched by sw, but not on Neo. We are lacking sim-apps. But it is
possible to select the number in PIN input dialog, inserting the corresponding
pin number.

p> Some how you should transfer each SIM information to this special card.
p> Is it possible to copy one SIM into another?

It is, but not for all sim-cards. Newer ones are protected better and were not
cracked yet.


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