[OM2009] Frameworkd not working?

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Sun Apr 19 11:21:18 CEST 2009


two days ago i installed OM2009 on my freerunner and i'm quite impressed
with the look&feel of the gui. :)
I flashed the latest kernel [1] and after first boot i installed the
corresponding modules [2]. After reboot the modules were recognized and

Now my problem is that it seems that frameworkd is not running. I can
see in the process list, that fso-gpds and fso-monitord are running but
no frameworkd. When i try to start frameworkd manually the init.d script
says "ok" but no process is running. Therefor no frameworkd specific
actions work. The power button is not attached to any action (suspend,
shutdown) and no leds are working. Also i can't use any phone function
with the preinstalled zhone. And after i installed paroli i got the
problem that paroli crashes every time i try to start it. :-/
When i try to start "frameworkd" on the commandline (not the init.d
script) i got the error "EOFError: EOF read where object expected". And
when i try to start mdbus i got the same error message.

Could it be that there is any problem with the dbus because both
programs rely on it?

I know that OM2009 is still an early beta but maybe someone know a
solution for the problem why frameworkd doesn't run.

At last i want to say that i hope you people from openmoko keep up the
good work even after the bad news spreading around the web. :)




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