Freerunner as a wireless streamplayer?

MartinG gronslet at
Sun Apr 19 13:17:29 CEST 2009

My Freerunner has just been collecting dust for the last few months,
and after reading a bit regarding the buzz/echo hardware/software
problems, I sort of gave up the device.

BUT, there has been enough complaining and moaning already, so I
thought I'd try to find out what use I can make of the device *today*.

In my house I've got a server that holds all my music (mainly ogg, and
some mp3), I've got a MythTV backend (providing an upnp service I
believe), I've got a wireless network (WPA2), and some radios/stereo
players in various rooms. Technically, the Freerunner is capable of
connecting to an upnp server of the wlan, right? And to decode ogg,
and send (stereo) output throught the jack, right? (if not ogg, I
guess I could do on-the-fly recoding of ogg on the server)

I've briefly search the list and the wiki and found this:
but I didn't find out if such an app really exists.

Thing is, I have not yet managed to get a system up an running and
connected to my wifi (I did have an early version of Qt sporadically
connected, but got too frustrated by the interface). To be honest, I'm
a bit lost regarding what distros currently exist and what distros are

I tried the QT Extended Improved, but I guess I failed at following
the somewhat long list of manual tweaking, so my FR doesn't currently
boot (don't get me wrong, I highly appreciate the work done by the
QtEI team).

So what I ask is:
Is it possible to download an image, simply reflash the phone, connect
to my wlan, and opkg/ipkg install a player that is able play streams
from my local server?
(Is it possible to do *now*, or do I have to wait for teamA to finish
featureX and make them talk to teamB, etc. Please be honest, I've been
too optimistic for too long, and simply would like to know what are
the possibilities as of today)

best regards,

When you change the subject, also change the subject line, okay?

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