Why enlightenment?

Nikita V. Youshchenko yoush at debian.org
Sun Apr 19 19:21:39 CEST 2009

> i considered it but as i couldnt do "finger scrolling" (middle of the
> window - swipe to scroll) i chose not to try and push the work back onto
> the app to adapt to a limited window side.

Theoretically it should be possible to implement "finger scrolling from the 
middle of the window" starting with some recognizable gesture.

Althouht don't know how this could be done at technical level.

> in reality - apps should probably handle this themselves. i know e's
> config dialogs mostly dont fit - but that is a todo item

There is also everything else. Lots of X apps are not designed for small 
screen, and fixing all those looks like much more work than making it 
possible to access larger-than-screen windows. Btw, these two ways don't 
exclude each other :)
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