cellhunter --- the state of development and future

ivvmm unachievable at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 21:27:04 CEST 2009

Sebastian Hammerl wrote:
> Hi,
> At the moment it is only me involved in the developing of cellhunter. At
> the end of mai i will finish my master thesis and then i will have some
> more time for cellhunter and developing will go on.

Can't wait for the future versions, or to say more for more features and
less bugs!

> Cellhunter will cooperate with opencellid.org, the largest cell database
> i know. with the api of opencellid someone can offer a program to get a
> fix with cells or agps support. perhaps some location service will be
> added to fso.

These are great news. But it is very sorry that now no one claimed that
this functionality will be provided. To speak more frankly many people
would be glad to hear from the developer of TangoGPS, Marcus Bauer, that
he is going to implement this feature.

> cellhunter is not just a game, the main goal is to get the database and
> use the data. because it does not make sense to work only on the own
> data it will join its database into opencellid.org. with this
> cooperation there will be a good coverage worldwide and opencellid can
> provide the data to the enduser. for a coverage of opencellid look at:
> cellhunter itself offers an api to query the cells known by cellhunter.
> So here is the call to all the developers around to create a location
> service based on the opencellid data. for me that database should be the
> main db and everyone can provide his data to this db.
> greetings, sebastian

Thank you very much for your response. Would like to say 'going to hear
from you at the end of may'. Cannot query features now as you already
stated that you will be busy until that.

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