cellhunter --- the state of development and future

Onen onen.om at free.fr
Sun Apr 19 23:52:19 CEST 2009

ivvmm wrote:
> Okay, I see. The both applications: openBmap and Cellhunter have their
> advantages and disadvantages.

Please, feel free to write to me (publicly or privately) with your 
comments and/or suggestions about openBmap. The ToDo list is growing at 
the moment with people suggestions, but they do not get forgotten.

> I have several questions about openBmap. Cellhunter allows not to have
> an account and still contribute to the DB(remain anonymous, or to be
> more specific --- not to connect the data you send with one special
> nickname, but to hide among many). That's the serious thing which
> prevents me from using it. Additionally registration could be
> implemented in the app itself for easiness.

Ok. If I understand you correctly, you would like some kind of anonymous 
account, where people could upload if they don't want to create an 
account? Did I understand you correctly?

Well I have nothing against it, it is a good idea to me. But is it good 
enough regarding legal aspect? Creative commons license makes you have 
to put the name of contributors (and possibly link them to the data they 
provided, not sure about this). Is an anonymous account compatible with 
this? I guess, if people would upload using a same account, this would 
be one contributor name, and would legally be ok, isn't it?

About registration in the app. Why not. I like the idea. Added to ToDo 
list :-)

> The second question is: the cellhunter's developers stated that they
> will merge their DB with opencellid.org, which is a rather big one. Are
> you going to do same things? Or are you going to just collect the data
> for one unique database which is just truly accurate?

The licenses are compatible between the three projects. So each of them 
could download and merge the data from the others.

To clarify things cellhunter will not merge his database with 
opencellid. Sebastian will push the updates of his own database to 
opencellid on a regular basis. That is how I understand it. It means, 
two similar databases will co-exist, doing similar things.

We have been proposing merges of databases and/or client, instead of 
regular push of data, in order to diminish the similar efforts in 
parallel. But so far without success. I still hope to see some 
progresses in this direction.

> Why can't the user control the rate in which application collects the
> data? I am not that sure about this feature as I do not know the
> internals of the application. But explanation is: if you move on foot
> you do not need to log data every 30 seconds. If you move on a bicycle
> you do not need to log data every 10 seconds. If you move on a car you
> have to collect data every ten seconds or so. Hope you got the point.

The openBmap logger allows you to do so. There is not graphical 
interface for this, you have to modify the config file by hand before 
starting the app. But I got your point. I am mixed between giving more 
freedom to the user to config the app, and the more complicated 
interface this would present to him. Some people prefer the app to just 
log, without changing all kind of parameters... But I add it to the ToDo 
list and will think about it.

Thanks for all your suggestions, please keep going!


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