R: Re: [android] koolu beta 6?

narkos at iol.it narkos at iol.it
Mon Apr 20 00:03:19 CEST 2009

Just installed.
Very easy and fast.
simple test results:
GSM works! audio call 
good, I didn't test how the receiver hears my voice.
WIFI got connected (but I 
had to install qad-keybord to set the passwd) but browser is unable to load any 
pages. I manually set the dns (with open dns) but it doesn't work; using th 
enumeric ip address it works!
That's all for now


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>Ogg: Re: [android] koolu beta 6?
>I tried it a few days ago:

>- I liked the installation. They package everything in a single  

>tarball that you expand on your SD card. Boot from the card, and it  

>installs QI, kernel, and root fs. No mucking about trying to figure  
which kernel works with what release
>- After the first time booting (which 
will take a very long time. Let  
>it sit for a while), it boots fairly 
>- UI is fast and responsive
>- Connectivity just isn't 
there, at least for me. It would find my  
>open wifi, but kept dropping (even 
when I was sitting right next to  
>the base station. Could not connect to my 
service provider with any  
>sort of strength (AT&T). I get full bars in SHR.

>- It seemed to "forget" settings. I changed the ringtones, and it went  
to the default
>After not being able to use it as a phone, I went back to 
SHR. In all,  
>a good start, and something I'll be keeping my eyes on

>On Apr 19, 2009, at 1:11 PM, Pieter Colpaert wrote:
>> http://koolu.
>> I never heard of this before. Anyone tried it yet? Is 
this a cupcake
>> release (I just got used to the great soft keyboard in 
android 1.5!)?
>> Is there somewhere a "working/not working" list available?

>> Pieter
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