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On Sun, 19 Apr 2009 21:50:10 +0200 Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes
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> > 1. Theming - it keeps resources low and alows us to do everything we
> > want with GUI! Take shelf widgets as an example - you can change their
> > look, even functions - like digital clock instead of analog - without
> > changin the main code. I don't say it's not possible with GTK but it
> > way more complicated.
> The edje file for illume is 50000 lines of code.
> In a language where lots of code is in macro definitions that have no
> block constructs, so they have to be all on one line... or escape every
> line ending.
> I wont say it's better in GTK, but it not exactly trivial for E.

first thats the theme for all of e - the entire app and all its custom gadgets
etc. think of it as all the css and html for all of googles web apps (not the
php or java or whatever that is behind it, just the stuff that defines the look
and feel). it will be big too!

try add .large .glade files AND gtkrc files together that also do animation
(which they cant)... hey will be huge too.

also it is efficient - thats source. it's compiled into a binary representation
that is much like a c structure in memory with tags - and its very quick to
load - and parsing is very simple compared to a text file.

nb - i dont know what u mean about edje source not having block constructs. its
crawling with them. everything is sectioned into blocks

block {
  key: x y;
  key2: x;
  block2 {
    key1: x y;

etc. etc. etc. no need for escapes, all on one line etc. etc. etc. in addition
you can also make use of cpp macros as edje_cc passes the .edc through cpp
before parsing (ie use #include, #define macros #ifdef's etc.)

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