[SHR] 4-16 shr-testing is pretty good!

bburdette at comcast.net bburdette at comcast.net
Mon Apr 20 22:31:27 CEST 2009

I don't usually see an announcement on the community list when a new 
SHR-testing is available, so here's my own.  The SHR team deserves some 
kudos for a great job.

Just reflashed my OM with the new shr-testing (4-16 version)

1 - GUI is much more responsive!
2 - Settings are restructured, better I think. See #1.  A lot of work
has gone into the settings changes it seems.  I like the profile editor.
3 - new battery power indicator is cool.
4 - wifi works again for me with mofi (at home, with WPA).

Its a worthy upgrade.  SHR-testing is very usable now, just a few things
would really push it over the edge for me:

- mofi can't connect me to any open wifi networks.
- no volume control for earpiece volume.
- no datetime for SMS messages.

 From what I understand echo cancellation is in this version of SHR, so
increasing earpiece volume should be echo free (using config files), I
haven't tried that yet though.

Ben B.

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