[SHR] 4-16 shr-testing is pretty good!

Vasco Nevoa vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt
Mon Apr 20 21:56:28 CEST 2009

I second that emotion! :) It is by far the best distro ever tested on my 
Not only that, but they also got rid of a few nasty bugs: the GPRS link 
(now included out-of-the-box) no longer stalls, the USB networking with 
Windows boxes is restored, and the "messages" and "dialer" apps no 
longer crash randomly. And Raster's keyboard finally works the way it 
should (fast and clean). Very nice indeed.
Kudos to everyone, not just the SHR team for a great integration effort, 
but also to the kernel and application teams.

bburdette at comcast.net escreveu:
> I don't usually see an announcement on the community list when a new 
> SHR-testing is available, so here's my own.  The SHR team deserves some 
> kudos for a great job.
> Just reflashed my OM with the new shr-testing (4-16 version)
> 1 - GUI is much more responsive!
> 2 - Settings are restructured, better I think. See #1.  A lot of work
> has gone into the settings changes it seems.  I like the profile editor.
> 3 - new battery power indicator is cool.
> 4 - wifi works again for me with mofi (at home, with WPA).
> Its a worthy upgrade.  SHR-testing is very usable now, just a few things
> would really push it over the edge for me:
> - mofi can't connect me to any open wifi networks.
> - no volume control for earpiece volume.
> - no datetime for SMS messages.
>  From what I understand echo cancellation is in this version of SHR, so
> increasing earpiece volume should be echo free (using config files), I
> haven't tried that yet though.
> Ben B.
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