[All?] Dictator - the most undemocratic recording and dictation software ever

Francesco de Virgilio fradeve11 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 20:56:31 CEST 2009

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Onen ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I have been using OSMtracker [1] for taking voice notes while biking, 
> using the phone headset/microphone.
> I think it creates a GPX file with some anchors in it, pointing at the 
> wav files names, it has generated. While opening the GPX file under 
> JOSM, with wav files in the GPX directory, I get icons all over the 
> track that I can click to hear it.
> This looks like this:
> <trkpt lat="XX.XXXXXXXX" lon="XX.XXXXXXXX">
>          <ele>74.8</ele>
>          <time>2008-09-14T16:27:40Z</time>
>        </trkpt>
>      </trkseg>
>    </trk>
> <wpt lat="YY.YYYYYYYY" lon="YY.YYYYYYYY">
>      <ele>126.30000000</ele>
>      <name>voice</name>
>      <desc>2008-09-14T15:41:19Z</desc>
>      <link href="20080914_174113.wav" />
>    </wpt>
> For me, this is satisfying. I can upload the GPX to OSM website without 
> problem. The only drawback if I would be picky, would be the extra data 
> in the GPX that is sent to OSM for nothing.
> Onen

Great Onen! I think this should be the approach if we want to create a
georeferred voicenote application, starting from Dictator. To be picky (
:D ) it's really simple to write a python script to "clean" the extra data.

The only thing I notice, in our (community) work is that today we have a
LOT of applications doing gpx recording (going with memory, I remember
TangoGPS, BikeAtor, Navit, probably also GPS Sight and Mumpot). Some
applications have a database to insert POIs (like TangoGPS), but still
doesn't exists something integrating all the features we
(OSMmappers/surveyors) need.

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