Intone (0.24) Elementary based mplayer frontend

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Wed Apr 22 03:53:38 CEST 2009


Thomas Seiler wrote:
>>EAPI void         elm_theme_overlay_add(const char *item);
>>EAPI void         elm_theme_extension_add(const char *item);
>>I think these allow the application to add their own themes app dependent
>>either _before_ ELM_THEME (that would be elm_theme_overlay_add() )
>>or _after_ ELM_THEME (that would be elm_theme_extension_add() )
 Yup. That works. Thanks!

@Mirko : Well, here's what I did to get entry's back to black text. 

Added these line in the program:-
  const char *theme = "intone";

Cut out the entry group from the original elementary theme default.edj.
Saved it as intone.edj in /home/root/.elementary/themes/intone.edj.

 And, its done. I get back black text for my entries. Simple - once you know
how - and with people to show you the way!

  Thanks again Thomas!

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