[SHR-testing] ls /lib/modules : input/output error.... fsck.jffs2 ?

Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 08:50:30 CEST 2009

Hi folks,

I have updated my FR in shr-testing last sunday, and there was no icons 
on my desktop at all.
And because of a lack of 'depmod -a', I couldn't access to my FR through 
ssh (no usb ethernet, no wifi).

So I have booted on sd card (debian), mounted /dev/mtdblock6, chroot and 

Then everything starts working again (cool no ?)

But today I have lost wifi/usb ethernet once again (I don't know why, no 
unusual use), and from the shr terminal I can see :
$ls /lib/modules
input/output error in ./2.6.29-rc3/
 From debian, everything is ok (I can mount and ls this folder)

Any idea ?

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