[shr-testing] Suspend?

Klaus Fürth Klaus.Fuerth at gmx.de
Wed Apr 22 09:47:24 CEST 2009

I installed the shr-testing distribution which works very good.

It is the first distribution I tested with a battery-lifetime about more 
than one day. Thanks for the very good work!

I have a problem with the suspend function, maybe I don't understand the 
setup-Params well. My device doesn't go to suspend mode automatically 
(mostly, sometimes it works), using the function with the power-key 
works well.

There are two Power-setup Pages:
1. Illume Power-settings:
   I set the "blank time" to 15 secs, "suspend after blank" to 1 sec

2. Settings on Home-Screen (Power-section):
   I don't understand these settings, I set them to:
   Auto-dimming: On
   Auto-suspend: On
   Timeout settings (are these setting unit seconds?):
     suspend     : 20
     lock        :  2
     idle prelock: 12
     idle        :  5
     idle dim    : 15
Can someone explain these settings? Or is there a documentation about this?
Again, sometimes suspending works, but not allways.

When suspended, an incomming call wakes up the device, an alarm doesn't.



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