[All?] Dictator - the most undemocratic recording and dictation software ever

Onen onen.om at free.fr
Wed Apr 22 19:42:20 CEST 2009

Francesco de Virgilio wrote:
> The only thing I notice, in our (community) work is that today we have a
> LOT of applications doing gpx recording (going with memory, I remember
> TangoGPS, BikeAtor, Navit, probably also GPS Sight and Mumpot). Some
> applications have a database to insert POIs (like TangoGPS), but still
> doesn't exists something integrating all the features we
> (OSMmappers/surveyors) need.

I would love to see a daemon (DBus?) running on the phone, to which any 
application could ask to build a GPX file for it. It could ask to insert 
waypoints, etc... everything supported by the GPX specifications.

It could have also the capability like ousaged to detect when an app 
which has required building a GPX has disappeared, in order to prevent 
from building GPX forever for an app which is gone.

This way any application could ask for a GPX and focuses on its own logic.

If anybody is interested, feel free to ping me :-)


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