Command-line Yaouh! clone

rhn omcomali.rhn at
Thu Apr 23 09:27:10 CEST 2009

This program was started before Yaouh! was published. Initially, it only
downloaded the empty tiles, so I called it For a long time, I
felt it's sufficient, so I didn't change it. Recently, I decided that I
need something smarter - I tried out Yaouh!, which didn't have some of the
funcionaltiy I wanted. The code was a bit messy, too.

I improved my program instead.
Now it includes:
* lists of fallback URLs,
* If-Modified-Since HTTP headers,
* removal of files unused for a specified time
* skipping files modified recently
* forcing download empty tiles
* customizing the fallback rules (currently, the fallback lists are
different for diffferent zoom levels)

It doesn't:
* take any command-line parameters
* have a GUI
* check md5 (it's not really needed with If-Modified-Since
* download in multiple threads

It's written in Python, so it could be used to improve Yaouh!. It requires
urllib for downloading, which might not be installed by default in some

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