bicycling with OpenMoko

Al Johnson openmoko at
Thu Apr 23 12:54:01 CEST 2009

On Thursday 23 April 2009, ivvmm wrote:
> Hey, seen many messages about audio mapping the OSM with new app called
> 'Dictator' in neighbour thread and so on.
> But the first question that rises here is how to mount the phone on your
> bike?

I made a mount out of polymorph - a trade name for a low melt plastic that 
feels similar to nylon, but becomes like putty at ~60C. Someone else routed a 
recess in a sheet of chipboard. I saw pictures of one made from folded acrylic 
sheet - very neat! Some have used commercial generic phone/pda holders. You 
could even go the whole hog and get an Otterbox PDA case with bike mount for 
all-weather ruggedness. At the other end of the scale someone was using a 
cable tie through the hole in the phone and round the handlebars!

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