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On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 11:44 PM, Yoann ARNAUD <yarnaud at> wrote:

> Risto H. Kurppa a écrit :
> > So 300MB of tiles with 30% updated it would generate (5+10*30)*300 kB
> > = 89MB or so.. ok.. I wonder if it's ok for OSM people if people start
> > doing it like this a lot more than they now do.
> This has already been discussed in OpenstreetMap Talk-fr. A guy from
> bearstech (Rodolphe Quideville) made a mirror for France and some
> cities, here :
> I suggest you to ask him for adding the cities/countries you need (give
> him x_min x_max... as in info*.php).
> This is something OSM should get into. I would like to get all the kinds of
things Cloudmade offer (navit? osm/xml?) for all of Australia but only for
my city. Does OSM currently have a way of working out the boundary-box of a
"city"? If not, I'd certainly help make boxes if there was a web interface
for sending them in. Either way, someone (OSM? Openmoko community?) could
automatically offer zip/tar/tbz files of all the tiles needed in the correct
TangoGPS structure.
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