Command-line Yaouh! clone

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Thu Apr 23 17:31:56 CEST 2009

> It'd also be nice to have an option for automatically "zooming out".
> That is, if I have a bunch of tiles at zoom 15 (downloaded using 
> tangogps perhaps) then I want the zoom 14 tiles covering the same area, 
> as well as the zoom 13 tiles, and so on all the way up to the top.
> Of course, the number of tiles quickly gets lower as one goes up, and 
> usually hits a tile that is there already after a few levels.

Yes, that would be welcome.  Actually, more to the point TangoGPS's
"download the view + 4 levels down" should also download the all levels
above (after all, downloading levels "N and above" only take 33% more
time&space than downloading level N).

> If people start doing this a lot, then transparent proxies at the 
> various ISPs will take much of the load. :-)

I haven't heard of any ISP using transparent proxies around here.

> Another thing that'd be nice to have, is duplicate tile detection.
> There are a lot of "sea" tiles, "empty land" tiles, and probably some
> tiles containing only forest or similiar. This could save lots of space,

Yes, on an ext3 filesystem, it would save 4kB per duplicate file.

Personally, I'd also want to see Yaouh (or the corresponding
functionality) integrated into TangoGPS (probably by first making clear
that the "download" operation only fills holes in the cache and doesn't
refetch things that are already cached, and then by providing a new
command "refresh all the tiles in the current area (above and below)").


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