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Thu Apr 23 23:54:29 CEST 2009

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Foss User wrote:
> I have a few questions on OpenMoko phones. I am planning to buy one.
> 1. Which is the default OS that comes in OpenMoko: OM 2007 ?

When I got mine (last december), it had 2007.x and it stayed there for a
few hours, then it got replaced, many times :)

> 2. Do you use the default OS or have you flashed soe other OS of your own?

No, and you should also try as many as possible.

> 3. Which OS is known for booting faster than others. I use Debian on
> my laptop and I would want to know how good Debian is for Freerunner?
> Does it boot fast enough?
No experience with debian on freerunner, it should be just as fast as
others. It all depends on what software you decide to use as a user
interface. In my opinion, Qt Extended Improved feels the fastest but i
was quite pleased with the recent shr-unstables too. Most "phonelike"
would be the Qt Extended Improved.

> 4. Is multi-touch in neo freerunner not availabe because the hardware
> doesn't support it or is it because the software doesn't support it?

This is a hw-issue but there are a few propeller heads which try to
circumvent that by sw.

> 5. In the OpenMoko Neo Freerunner order page I have two options relevant to me.
> Purchase Options
>     * GSM 900 ( Promotion, Extras: pouch and headset x 1) $299.00 USD
>     * GSM 850 ( Promotion, Extras: pouch and headset x 1) $299.00 USD
> Now, I don't know which one I should be going for. I am from  India
> and we use GSM sim cards here. I use Vodafone SIM card. So which is
> the one I should be buying?

India uses the GSM 900/1800 frequency.

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