Asterisk on Freerunner was: voip on Debian

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Fri Apr 24 00:05:02 CEST 2009

2009/4/21 Nicola Mfb <nicola.mfb at>:
> 2009/4/19 Nicola Mfb <nicola.mfb at>:
> I'll update about my progress on AMI interface soon.

It's great night for me!
I was able to do my first VoIP->PSTN call with FR, it was to my
girlfriend of course, It may be for love or It may be to not bother
some other guy with an unpredictible  test :)

I used for that my all damned pre-pre-pre-alpha tools I'm writing (and
hope to finish).

The test case is interesting, please be quite with comments, I'm
crazy, not mad :)

I'm from Paduli a small village where I spend my weekends, there I
have ADSL with a voip option to call flat Italy landlines, during the
week I'm far in Naples for my job, there I have only an umts card. To
use voip I have to be connected phisically to the ADSL router, no use
is permitted from public internet, and my provider uses a modifyed sip

And now the test scenario.

In Paduli:

*) atheros openwrt/kamikaze powered embedded device up 24h
*) it's connected to a stupid adsl router I cannot change/reflash as
Telecom Italia uses the non standard sip protocol  with a secret
virtual channel for voip.
*) openvpn server with tap layer 2 to make external connections appear
as in LAN :)

In Naples:

*) laptop connected to internet with E220 HSDPA
*) freerunner connected to laptop acting as router with BT/Bnep
(testing my bt manager)
*) freerunner connected to Paduli LAN with openvpn client
*) runned alice-ctl, a tool to fake a Telecom cordless able to connect
to the voip service, based on pivelli python code (I rewrote it in C
before as python did not fit in my embedded atheros device!)
*) alice-ctl enabled a peer on my vpn IP (acting as the fake cordless)
*) asterisk acted as the cordless, built with two patch, the first to
speak the tampered SIP protocol (thanks again to pivelli project), the
second to solve the announced alsa problems
*) launched my very very rude voip dialer that interacts with asterisk
trough the AMI interface

and finally placed the Call!

And now the results:

The call was picked up from my girlfriend father, the result was:
"Hello....... Emh.... are you there... Yes.... umh..... do you hear
me?...  Yes but it's strange" -> "Papi give me the phone!, it was
Nicola with freerunner for sure"


(I'm just thinking how many om guys got the same in the last two years! :)

A big delay, but superb audio quality, we stayed up for about 15 mins.
I think that it's only a problem due of my absourd networking and
asound.conf tuning as the period/buffer size is huge for a good

But I'm happy, asterisk runs fine in a real case.
There is a lot to do, please join and contribute, I will happy tho
share everything!



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