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> I have a few questions on OpenMoko phones. I am planning to buy one.
> 1. Which is the default OS that comes in OpenMoko: OM 2007 ?


> 2. Do you use the default OS or have you flashed soe other OS of your own?

Well, 2007.2, despite being the most stable thing Openmoko has
delivered, is unsupported and quite buggy - seems that stability wasn't
something that they were aiming for. So nobody uses it anymore.

> 3. Which OS is known for booting faster than others. I use Debian on
> my laptop and I would want to know how good Debian is for Freerunner?
> Does it boot fast enough?

Fast? Openmoko?

I think you have this device confused with one that doesn't suck big fat
hairy donkey balls.

> 4. Is multi-touch in neo freerunner not availabe because the hardware
> doesn't support it or is it because the software doesn't support it?

The hardware doesn't support it. Or much of anything for that matter.

> 5. In the OpenMoko Neo Freerunner order page I have two options relevant to me.
> Now, I don't know which one I should be going for. I am from  India
> and we use GSM sim cards here. I use Vodafone SIM card. So which is
> the one I should be buying?

You should go for one that doesn't involve giving Openmoko your money.
For example, I just bought a blackberry, and it's great!

If you buy an Openmoko device, you're buying dead hardware with godawful
software from a dishonest company. Avoid.


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