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O Xoves, 23 de Abril de 2009, Foss User escribiu:
> I have a few questions on OpenMoko phones. I am planning to buy one.
> 1. Which is the default OS that comes in OpenMoko: OM 2007 ?

Don't know at this moment, but mine came with 2007. I think I booted it one 
single time...
I bough it on august 2008

> 2. Do you use the default OS or have you flashed soe other OS of your own?

Depending on the moment, I have up to 4 OS. I like to try new distributions...
At this moment, I have SHR testing on internal memory, and Debian, om2008.12 
and om2009 testing on the sd-card.

> 3. Which OS is known for booting faster than others. I use Debian on
> my laptop and I would want to know how good Debian is for Freerunner?
> Does it boot fast enough?

SHR from NAND (faster than SD): 		2m00sec from om logo to desktop
Debian from SD: 					3m 50sec from u-boot to lxde desktop
OM2008.12 from SD: 				1m 05sec from u-boot to desktop
OM2009 from SD (early testing image):	2m 40sec from u-boot to paroli

All boot times measured with u-boot. Qi is significally faster

Android is said to boot in less than one minute with Qi (source:

I have tried some "OM2008 fastboot" image a lot time ago, which booted in 
something like 45 secs.

But don't think on boot time, think on "wake up time". Every modern distro 
wakes up from suspend in someting between 2 to 5 secs.

I use Debian with relative frecuency. Having apt-get on a smartphone is really 
amazing... and SLOW! ;)
But there are a lot of ligh applications which runs smooth enough for using it 
in this "micro laptop" :)
And you can, of course, open an xterm, and use onscreen keyboard or buy one of 

> 4. Is multi-touch in neo freerunner not availabe because the hardware
> doesn't support it or is it because the software doesn't support it?

No. Screen is not multitouch, but it can be simulated by soft (see linball, 
for example)

> 5. In the OpenMoko Neo Freerunner order page I have two options relevant to
> me.

Already answered before ;)

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