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Fri Apr 24 09:35:21 CEST 2009

What you want to do is feasible (I read post on the list with people telling
they achieved to use ther bt headset with the freerunner), but it seems to
be hard (and manual with around 5 steps). So I am waiting for some
developpers to create a soft running on the freerunner which would
facilitate these things (discovering the bt headset, pairing, routing the
sound to and from the bt headset). I have seen 2 projects for this :
* (a work in progress)
I have not tested them yet

The link you gave is very interested, but I think it is the opposite
objective : the software there has to be installed on a linux desktop
computer (or laptop) and is made to "transform" the PC into a bt headset.
With it, it is said you can then use you PC mic and speaker to make calls
with any BT mobile phone. By the way it was exactlu what I was searching, so
I will test it when I have time. But it is not what you want. If I
understoof correctly, you already have a bt headset and you need a software
running on the freerunner to connect the headset to you freerunner.


2009/4/23 Joerg Eesmann <jeesmann at>

> Hello there,
> I am reading many things about BT-headsets and everything. Is there any
> possibility to use the Freerunner together with the Hand Free Kit in the
> car? I tried in my car, but the car does not find the Freerunner
> (OM2008.12 kustomized).
> Has anybody an idea?
> I found this as a bluetooth
> project.
> Anything would help:
> best would be something like:
> ... use XYZ.opk and it will work!
> in worst case a bluetooth protocol description for hands free kits would
> also help.
> any idea would be appreciated.
> be safe,
> Joerg
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