bluetooth spam

Roland Whitehead roland at
Fri Apr 24 13:18:16 CEST 2009

What you haven't experienced then is "Toothing". Apparently, it's rife  
on the trains between London and Brighton (in the UK) and often ends  
up with the people toothing each other getting it together... Nothing  
to do with spam. If OpenMoko made this really easy then there'd be  
lots of new users!

Being far to square for such fun, it's fortunate that my train goes to  


On 24 Apr 2009, at 10:48, PaulTT wrote:

> i think spam via bluetooth is even worse than email spamming.
> more and more worse..... :(
> the idea and the implementation, however, it's veeeeeeeeeery
> coooooooooool :))))))

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