GTA01 question : what capacity of ....

Ben Wilson ben at
Fri Apr 24 14:27:53 CEST 2009

Tilman Baumann wrote:
> Tim Niemeyer wrote:
>> Hallo wim.delvaux,
>> * wim.delvaux at <wim.delvaux at>
>> [24-04-09 04:16]:
>>> I.e. if I buy a 8GB micro SD card, would the GTA01 be able to use it ?
>> I have never tried it, but i have heared it supports SDHC cards, but can't
>> boot it? (Booting with Uboot???/Qi???; i don't know)
> More or less. :)
> SDHC is no problem for Linux. But UBoot can not load a kernel from SDHC.
> The wiki has a section how to boot a rootfs from sd and use the kernel
> from internal flash.
> And *never ever* use Qi on GTA01. You will loose the DFU loader!
It says this on the wiki
"Booting from SDHC requires a u-boot from 2008-07-23 or later. *But pay 
attention* : there are problems with SDHC cards at suspend time."

I got it from here

Might only apply to GTA02 though.


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