[Qtei] Which IDE for Development?

Mikko Husari husku at husku.net
Fri Apr 24 20:32:07 CEST 2009

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Radek Polak wrote:
> Hi Mikko,
> i have already something descibed it in previous mail. But in more
> details it's like that:
> Let's say you have working project for X11/QT in QTCreator.

Moro Radek!

Im having some problems and, well, turning for your advice. I created a
project and got it ported nicely but the window shows up in the top-left
corner on moko display and, it is not fullscreen... it also lacks the
theme of qte, so it looks gray. I studied the examples in qte build dir
and noticed that those use some macros to create the main(), after hours
of try and error I gave up.

Do you use those macros to create your main, and if not, how do you
manage to make your app fullscreen and with the correct theme?

I appreciate all the help you have given and are hoping to receive some
nice pointers again. So, kudos in advance.

- -- husku
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