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On Thu, 16 Apr 2009 23:28:08 +0200
Erik Geiger <Erik.geiger at> wrote:

> really nice. It works really stable here. But what I can't understand
> is, why paroli. What about zhone? What I mean, what is the advantage
> of paroli? It's not the look ;-)

Well, that's always a matter of taste. :-)
If you don't like paroli you can always use an SHR image or zhone or
one of the other distros around.

> It's really nice to have a stable phone, but now with paroli in
> fullscreen it's "only" a phone. That's what you can buy at every
> discounter for 25 Euro or the like ;-)

As I said it's a free phone. :-)

> What are the plans for future om-Release? Paroli without fullscreen
> or with posibility to switch? zhone? SHR?

I believe this is on their roadmap, but I will wait for an official
answer on that.

> There are so many great apps that want to be used :)

I agree.

Daniel Willmann
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