bicycling with OpenMoko

Chaosspawn23 Chaosspawn23 at
Sun Apr 26 11:42:58 CEST 2009

ivvmm wrote:
> ivvmm wrote:
>> Hey, seen many messages about audio mapping the OSM with new app called
>> 'Dictator' in neighbour thread and so on.
>> But the first question that rises here is how to mount the phone on your
>> bike?
> The thread has grown up with several branches, so would answer self
> post. I would like to thank you all for the suggestions and plenty of links.
> But there seems to be one thing against putting OpenMoko on handlebars.
> The vibrations that come from a wheel could be(and it seems it will be)
> killing for the device to drive through the forest or say off-road. It
> seems to be much safer for a device to put it in jacket or coat.

At least for me, the vibrations from a rought bike ride didn't harm the
freerunner at all. Of course you should take care it can't fall down, but that's
generally a good idea. ;)
If you keep the freerunner in a pocket, the downside is that the quality of the
gps readings goes down drastically (depends on the type of pocket, i.e. the
thickness of the material between the freerunner and the outside world) if you
don't use an external antenna. Just my experience, though...
But with a good bike mount (I use the one Daniel Willmann sugessted earlier -
the foam padding probably helps against vibrations, too) your freerunner should
be safe. :)


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