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Onen onen.om at free.fr
Sun Apr 26 11:44:52 CEST 2009


sorry but I am not sure to get your point.

At the moment, the clients (possibly stores the logs, for later upload) 
upload to their respective online dbs.

Jan, from the FSO team has built a proof of concept of a service on the 
phone (see FSO 5.5 beta announcement), which based on the db of raw data 
from the online site it downloads, builds a local db and propose a cell 
based location service directly on the phoone.

I don't know how (if) an update mechanism is implemented so far.

Is this what you have in mind?


fredrik normann wrote:
> And then you can have a sync scripts that syncs to what ever database 
> you like, cellhunter, openBmap++++
> -f-
> On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 3:00 PM, fredrik normann 
> <fredrik.normann.junk at gmail.com <mailto:fredrik.normann.junk at gmail.com>> 
> wrote:
>     Wouln't it be smarter to have a local db on the phone, so after a
>     while the phone will learn where it is all the time and can aply
>     diffrent settings do things according to that?
>     -f-
>     On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 12:42 PM, Onen <onen.om
>     <http://onen.om>@free.fr <http://free.fr>> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         adding to my last comments...
>         Onen wrote:
>          >
>          > Ok. If I understand you correctly, you would like some kind
>         of anonymous
>          > account, where people could upload if they don't want to
>         create an
>          > account? Did I understand you correctly?
>          >
>          > Well I have nothing against it, it is a good idea to me. But
>         is it good
>          > enough regarding legal aspect? Creative commons license makes
>         you have
>          > to put the name of contributors (and possibly link them to
>         the data they
>          > provided, not sure about this). Is an anonymous account
>         compatible with
>          > this? I guess, if people would upload using a same account,
>         this would
>          > be one contributor name, and would legally be ok, isn't it?
>          >
>         Another point against an "open" account: imagine somebody starts
>         uploading garbage. Once we notice it. It could be difficult to
>         know what
>         to delete, if a lot of people are using this account. I am not
>         very sure
>         we could reliably rely on IP address to find out what should be
>         deleted.
>         Onen
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