[QT*] unpredictive keyboard

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at telenet.be
Sun Apr 26 20:50:06 CEST 2009

On Sun, 26 Apr 2009 20:22:52 +0200
"leonardo at lilik.it" <leonardo at lilik.it> wrote:

> I didn't have time to check your patch. Anyway you cannot avoid a way
> to "accept" a word. If you slide right, you put a whitespace, if you
> click on the bar you accept the word and you have a free whitespace.
> I've noticed also that while you wait for the animation to end, you
> can type new letters, so you don't waste time.

Hmmm ... I didn't notice that before, and it works :-)

> > 
> > I've already build a new image with this (not online yet, since I'm
> > setting it up on a new space). A visual hint for prediciveness
> > would be nice, but I leave that up to you :-)
> I've checked it quickly, it doesn't seem really easy, I should get
> more ocnfident with Qt. I hope I will have time to make it visible.
> Is it better something like a "p" on a corner or a very short popup
> saying "unpredictive"?

well, I prefer something visible all the time, since the keyboard
maintains it's state across usage
> > And a question: wouldn't it be more logical to add a space by
> > default after each word? It was like that once I believe ...
> that's what it does. When you  accept the word you have a whitespace
> added.

I know now :-)
> > Also, the capitalization is not working that good, maybe that can be
> > off as well, or maybe that can be another option (left-bottom=>
> > right-up stroke + visual confirmation).
> capitalization doesn't work really ok. Well, it just doesn't work
> actually.

Well, it works, but it takes the first word you type as beginning of a
sentence (and thus capitalizes it), even if you correct a sentence and
restart in the middle ...
> Something I've noticed that could be improved is that if you type a
> single letter and you want to accept it it's quite hard to touch with
> your finger the letter, since it's quite little. I guess this is
> inherited from the predictive keyboard. It would be better to make the
> whole bar reactive instead of the single letter.

true, but sliding to the right accepts the word as well ...


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