[QT*] unpredictive keyboard

leonardo at lilik.it leonardo at lilik.it
Sun Apr 26 22:22:48 CEST 2009

>> I've already build a new image with this (not online yet, since I'm
>> setting it up on a new space). A visual hint for prediciveness would
>> be nice, but I leave that up to you :-)
> btw, I also added code for a backspace key. I *know* that you can slide
> to the left for backspace, but if you want to delete an entire
> sentence (or just 10 letters), this becomes ridiculous. Therefore: the
> backspace key is to be found in the same group as the return key.
> I've updated the current image with it.

you can select the text you want to cancel and leftslide, but it's very

> Now just some buttons to quickly go from letters to ciphers and to the
> sentence-characters (".","?", etc...). Instead of always needing to
> slide up and down ... There's place for at least 3 extra signs on the
> letters screen, I would use them for "uppercase" (and in the uppercase
> version: "lowercase"), "numbers" and "sentence-characters". This would
> work more reliable and quicker than the basic sliding ...

we could use the other three diagonals. I think it's better then filling
the keyboard with more buttons, or it will end up like matchbox keyboard.


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