shr-testing- how to switch on gsm?

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sun Apr 26 23:54:43 CEST 2009

ivvmm wrote:
> Fernando Martins wrote:
>> I've just flashed shr testing 22nd April and I don't get the usual pin 
>> code request. Also, the icons "Contacts" and "Mofi" on the desktop are 
>> just two blank sheets.
> Something goes wrong. It should have started automatically. What image
> did you flash exactly?

I'm not sure  what else can I tell you, from

uImage-om-gta02-latest.bin dated 22-04-2009
shr-image-om-gta02.jffs2 dated 22-04-2009

The first time shr booted, it asked for some settings. There was a part 
on quick starting some apps, which I dismissed and now I wonder if I 
overlooked GMS startup.

Later on, when I looked at the phone again, there was a dialog box 
stating that ophonekit was not started with an option to start, which I 
did, but nothing happened (no pin code request).

I didn't get any error during flashing, but I don't know if dfu-util 
does indeed verify the image.


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