[QT*] unpredictive keyboard

leonardo at lilik.it leonardo at lilik.it
Mon Apr 27 01:01:31 CEST 2009

Roland wrote:
> Hello Leonardo and Franky,
> I haven't tried out your changes yet but they sound very useful. I would
> also prefer the three switching buttons suggested by Franky. I think when
> putting them e.g. at the far right, they wouldn't really fill up the space
> too much or make the other keys too small.

if you try the patch you'll notice the keyboard is quite larger now...

> Another idea: Wouldn't it be possible to toggle the predictability of the
> keyboard through an option in the context (options) menu? By putting a
> checkmark in front you would also have a visual information about the state.
> I think this should be possible because when changing to the undocked
> keyboard the option "Change input Method" changes into a submenu.

That was my first attempt, but it seems that that menu has nothing to
deal with the keyboard itself. It just sends basic signals like
create/destroy to the widget and sets up the next one.
Anyway, toggling/untoggling predictability is not something you do that
often I guess, and it works ok with the diagonal slide.

I'm having harder time in showing some graphics on the keyboard to have
a feedback from that action.


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